President, Founder and CEO

My name is Dominick Hall


I've always enjoyed the process of creating things that were unique and beneficial. I also found great pleasure in being a very layered person. I am HUGE fan of technology, design, engineering, music - anything that is a result of the minds potential to create. In addition, I am a fan of non-traditional education. Trial and error. Deconstructig to get a better understanding. Curiosity is a huge part of my make up.

The Non-Traditional Approach

I can appreciate one's ability to have an interest in an unknown subject, and be driven to seek out an understanding or education on it. This can require a combination of educational sources and experiences. This is in stark contrast to my past experiences in academics. Admittedly - I was a horrible student in school. So rather than engage in more common educational avenues, I chose a different path. And I'm so glad I did.

My Journey

Below is a timeline of all of the creative pursuits which lead me to where I stand today. I have never been more inspired for what is possible in the coming future for myself, and anyone else who wanted to make a bet on themselves. Again - I hope you find commonality in my experience and become encouraged to follow your own unique path of what drives you!

  • 1989

    This was my very first business. I cut lawns in the neighborhood to save enough money to buy the things my family could not afford. From bikes to skateboards, sneakers and video games. I worked hard for what I wanted until I realized originating the lawns to be cut, then letting friends do the work and I take my modest cut from that was a much smarter way to go.

  • 1990

    Inspired by my cousin's paper route, I decided to get one of my own. This job ended in disaster and only lasted a week. After my Mother explained that people depended on me to do my job and get them their papers at 4:30am, I knew this task was one I could not effectively do. But I was determined to find a business that would fit. So I focused even more on my lawn cutting business.

  • 1991

    As my lawn cutting business performed well, I still didn't have the resources to afford the things I wanted, help my family and still experience things with my buddies. A local place called the mineshaft here in Rancho Cordova was a great place for a kid my age to hang out. Part mini-golf/batting cage/go cart racing, part dance-floor and arcade. However, this required more money than I had available. I had to pick up a new job.

  • 1992

    I always admired the barbers at the barber college my Uncle used to take me to. The idea of creating a new or improved look for someone was one I appreciated, and one that I tried to mimic. So I got myself some terrible clippers and started giving horrible haircuts to the kids in my neighborhood.

  • 1993

    While my focus was on all the things a kid could want, my Mother was working two jobs just to keep a roof over 5 kids. Which meant plenty of time on my own, most of which spending it getting into neighborhood trouble. My grades were horrible, and I was on the path of gang violence and prison. An all too familiar story. That's when I met Deputy Northcross of the OK Program who would change my direction and course of what I thought was important in life.

  • 1994

    Dwayne Ozene, Canned Foods Grocery Outlet. I got my first legitimate job at age 13, working at family owned grocery store. Observing how Mr. Ozene conducted business, making it a family affair while providing the community with affordable groceries and young guys like me an opportunity at a real job. Mr. Ozene, and the job he gave me would shape my thinking forever.

  • 1996

    My family has always been involved in athletic disciplines. From football, track boxing and martial arts. My love was the martial arts. I would earn my wage from my grocery job, and use a great deal of it to pay for martial art training for myself, mother and little brother. I worked hard, earned my black belt and in 4 years, I had won a Grand Championship tournament and found that offering folks my services in "competition preparation" was a great business concept.

  • 1998

    A few years went by when and I realized how much I loved martial arts and would love to be able to teach others. So I approached my local park and recreations center, and negotiated a contract that would allow me to teach the martial arts and earn a little bit of money in the process. I poured everything I had into this business and still remember vividly the joy of it all.

  • 2002

    As my training progressed and became more challenging, I needed to find more ways to supplement my training and improve my body for the rigors of high level martial arts. I began bodybuilding and had excellent results. So much so that I started the process of becoming a certified personal trainer. I created a business model called "The Science" that I felt could help others the way I had reached my goals of fitness.

  • 2003

    Tragedy struck my family. I thought the best course of action would be to simplify everything I possibly could. I stopped martial art training. I focused only on what needed immediate attention and tried to comfort myself with food, familiarity and routine. Anything creative all seemed but extinguished during these times. But as a return to simpler times, I started barbering once again.

  • 2005

    I would eventually settle into a safe, familiar routine mind state. I settled down, started a family grew my appreciation for barbering into a passion. Not realizing that the kind of person I was would not allow an ordinary life when all of my life I've worked towards the extraordinary. I wanted more to offer my newly formed family. They deserved it. So I set out to begin the process of creating PlusOne.

  • 2006

    A year later I created From there, I could feel the creative me trying to emerge from this overweight, safe routine shell. As time went on, I learned many new programming and design skills, created new technologies and formed PlusOne into a complete replication of my vision.

  • 2012

    As my little family grew, I thought about what my legacy would be if I died tomorrow. This was the catalyst to break free from comfort, challenged myself to completely reinvent who I was, as start living an authentic life that my family and I could truly be proud of. I completely immersed myself into creating and sharing my ideas and gifts.

  • 2016

    The next chapter in the journey included creating a headquarters. A barbershop/salon, a school and office space to create!

  • 2017

    The shop was humming along, allowing me the ability to launch dreams, and refine existing ones. This started the process of introducing my work to the public.

  • 2018

    The official introduction to the experiences I've been developing for people to enjoy. Television stations, vendors and the community attended. Times I'll never forget!

  • 2019

    The creation of our AppDeals Marketplace platform. Connecting our community to Local Small Businesses.

  • 2020

    I know there is much positively that can come from this process. And if my legacy is summarized by a guy who had to take a knee, but got back up and continued to live for more than just himself, then I believe this was a legacy I could be at peace with. As I continue the journey of health, creativity and authenticity, I am noticing how it is giving others encouragement to do the same. I am optimistically excited to see what type of future waits, and what impact I can have on those around me during the formation of it.