Crowdfund a DFOI Project

When People Come Together

If you've come across this site, hopefully it was due to you having an interest in learning more information on a Dominick's Family of Industries product, project or service. As the sole creator of any and all that you see in this site, or any company site under the DFOI umbrella, I can tell you the amounts of time and revenue resources I've put into these projects are staggering. And while I've built ecosystems to help the efforts, it's great when like-minded people share your vision and want to help you bring them to fruition.

The Power of the Crowdfund

The times we live in allow for great innovations to take place that would have otherwise been just a daydream had it not been for great people donating to a vision they believe in. Crowdfunding allows a great many to come together for a common vision or appreciation and propel those with creative vision to bring their ideas to market for everyone to enjoy. I believe that the projects of DFOI are the perfect candidates for just that.


Please click the crowdfunding icon to find a project you'd like to see come to market and donate any amount you feel may be beneficial. I truly appreciate the vote of confidence and the message of support that your backing brings.