Inventor & Entrepreneur.
Developer. Designer. Family Guy.

PlusOne Complete Men's Grooming Line

A long awaited modernization in Men's hair, skin and shave. PlusOne disrupts a stagnant industry with never seen before technology in formulation, design and function.


Coding, Programming, Design and Development. And the backbone of Dominick's Barbering Academy. DomsWebDesign is the engine that drives All of Dominick's Family of Industries innovations.

Dominick's Barbering Academy

A revolutionary approach to the Barber/Cosmo education industry featuring advanced and intuitive technology in every facet. The main disrupting feature of this academy model is the job placement algorithm. Nothing like it exists.

Dominick's Online Shop

Established in 2006, Dominick's Online Shop served as the best kept secret in the local barbering scene. Using never seen before technology that allowed a complete reimagining of what barbering could be. Dominick's Online Shop has been nominated for multiple awards and is considered "The professionals' Choice in Barbering".

Dominick's Family of Industries Mission

Learn why DFOI was exists and what I hope to accomplish in my community and eventually the world.


President, Founder and CEO

Learn a bit about my background, philosophies and methods. Hopefully motivating and encouraging you to pursue your dreams.


News and Media

Take a look at what is being said about DFOI, myself and my projects.


Documenting the Journey



In order to pursue a dream, you must first believe that it is POSSIBLE!


To have a goal or an idea is the first step. To actively engage in making it a reality is a process that is guaranteed to leave you with valuable experience, and a story to tell.


There will be times of uncertainty and challenge, but I believe that it's in those times that you experience a creative resourcefulness you may not have known you had!


As for me, I continue to be busy in the day to day work of bringing my dreams to reality. I try to document as much as possible in hopes to inspire those on the same path.


Check out the videos and I hope you find commonality and motivation as you pursue whatever it is that drives you!

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